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Upon becoming a Unicity Distributor, you’ll gain access to exclusive wholesale pricing, the ability to purchase products for resale, and the opportunity to qualify for commission earnings.

Establish Your Business

Once you’ve experienced the advantages of our products and sharing them, you’re prepared to spread the word to others. Grow your team by inviting individuals to join, and together, work towards achieving success.

Become a Leader

With a thriving enterprise and a deep commitment to promoting health and well-being, you’re prepared to extend the Unicity mission globally by guiding others toward achieving their own success.

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plese leave your name, email, contact no and Brif message and we will contact you at our earliest avaibility to answer any question or concern you may have.

Join As A Distributor

Empower Your Business, Your Style. Unicity is your partner in forging a path as a high-performance leader. Our model encompasses all the essentials to construct a resilient, lasting business, fostering income for you and those dear to you.

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$1990 $1499 USD- One-time payment

If you’re currently a customer, just log in to your customer account, visit ORDERS > SHOP, and you’ll spot the pack mentioned above.

Business Builder Pack

Discover the Contents of the Business Builder Pack:

  • 10 sets of the Feel Great system.
  • A combined total of 300 packets of Unimate and 600 packets of Balance.
  • 10 Unicity Diamond Shaker bottles.
  • Access to the Unicity App.
  • Your own Referral Website.

Business Builder Pack

Ready to launch your Unicity journey? Our Business Builder Pack provides the perfect foundation with the Feel Great 10-Pack:

Unlock 20% Commissions: Enjoy a consistent 20% commission on all product sales.

Enrollment Fee Waived: Save $40 on the enrollment fee.

Resale-Ready Packs: Receive 10 Feel Great packs, complete with shippers and diamond bottles for easy resale.

Wholesale Pricing: Access wholesale product pricing.

Fast-Track to Manager Rank: Aim to achieve Manager rank within your first month with 3 active legs.

Your Own Website: Get a referral website to share with your network.

Growth Incentives: Earn exciting trips and rewards as you grow.

Weekly Training and Support: Benefit from ongoing support with weekly calls.

Business Tools: Access essential tools for building your business.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

Exploring the Potential

Imagine a career that becomes a community, where healthy living and wellness is a way of life, and doing what you love leads naturally to opportunities for success. Being a part of the Unicity family goes beyond simply building a rewarding business. You’ll also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community.

Earn Commissions through Referrals

With a variety of income avenues, you now have greater freedom to indulge in your passions and pleasures.

To ensure exceptional individual experiences, Unicity employs a direct selling model.

This approach allows distributors to work with customers, which allows customers to learn about and buy Unicity products like The Feel Great SystemUnicity Balance and Unimate with somebody they know and trust.

Why Become a Distributor? Benefits

  • Low Initial Cost: Joining as a Distributor require less investment.
  • Your Choice, Your Reason: People become Distributors for various reasons. Some do it part-time, selling to friends and family for extra income, while others go full-time.
  • Success Takes Effort: Like any sales job, earning money as a Distributor needs commitment, time, and hard work. So, what you earn can vary based on your dedication.

In essence, becoming a Unicity Distributor is flexible, and your success depends on your effort and commitment.

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