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The Feel Great System improves metabolic health and gut microbiome, which impact nearly every aspect of our health. The system consists of Unimate & Balance and is changing lives and leaves people feeling and looking great without needing to change their diet or lifestyle.
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My Story

In a hectic hospital, I often felt overwhelmed by the demands of my nursing role. Each day was a marathon, leaving me exhausted and emotionally drained. Over time, I saw my energy wane and my weight increase, making my daily tasks even more challenging.

One night, after an especially tough shift, I found solace in the break room, tears flowing freely. I was at my lowest, often turning to retail therapy to cope, which only added to my stress. Seeing my struggle, a radiant colleague, Maya, approached me. “I’ve been in your shoes,” she said, introducing me to the Unicity Feel Great System.

Though initially skeptical, I gave it a chance. Remarkably, within weeks, I felt rejuvenated, both mentally and physically. This wasn’t merely about shedding pounds; it was a complete transformation. I started making healthier choices, managing my finances better, and overall, radiating positivity.

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My journey with the Feel Great System redefined me. I became more centered, confident, and emotionally stable. No longer did I seek fleeting comforts; I invested in lasting experiences and self-care. My transformation inspired many around me, reminding them and myself that even caregivers sometimes need care.

Feeling Great Has Never Been This Easy

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Get up and go with Unimate. This highly concentrated yerba mate drink contains a unique blend of plant compounds known to:
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Balance is the smart solution to balanced nutrition. This patented blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds are specifically designed to:



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Trusted by Physicians, Unimate and Balance are both listed in the PDR

Prescribers’ Digital Reference (PDR)

The Prescribers’ Digital Reference, formerly the Physicians’ Desk Reference, is the drug and wellness directory most commonly used and trusted by healthcare providers worldwide. Continued focus on clinical research has enabled Unicity to list 17+ products in the prestigious publication.

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How To Use The System

7-9 am (Breakfast)
12 pm (Lunch)
6-8 pm (Dinner)
8 pm (Fasting starts)

What Makes the Feel Great System Different From Other Nutrition Supplements?

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any questions about the products or the feel great approach such as: how should I make my meal plans? What time of the day should I eat my first meal? etc. click the link below and read the frequently asked questions to find your answers.


Most frequently asked questions

Increasing your fiber intake could result in a temporary increase of gas or bloating for some individuals. This is a common bodily response as you get used to higher amounts of daily fiber intake. The effects should diminish after 2–3 weeks. If you’re very uncomfortable, consider halving the portion of Balance you take before each meal for 3–7 days.

One of the best parts of this system is you can eat any food you like. Even though you can eat any food, for better results we suggest following these 5 crucial tips:
  1. Taking Balance® before lunch and dinner (your two largest meals of the day).
  2. Taking Unimate® in the morning.
  3. Get high quality proteins (animal based protein or soy based protein) to meet your body’s anabolic needs.
  4. Try to avoid drinking your carbs instead eat them. Sodas and fruit juices are mostly sugar and are not good for your body. If you really want to drink some fruit juice or soda what you can do is drink a balance to make up for the missing fiber, but as mentioned earlier this is not recommended.
  5. Use high quality fats and oil for cooking.
Weight loss is not the primary goal of the Feel Great System — it is a bonus. If your main goal of starting the Feel Great System is weight loss, it is most effective when pairs with intermittent fasting and diet change. Otherwise, it will be a slow process. You will start seeing results in time but it takes patience and consistency to see the results.
If your goal is to lose weight, we recommend incorporating higher intakes of protein with each meal while using the system. That will enhance the benefits of the system and you may start noticing changes sooner.

Consult with your health care professional before starting any dietary supplement program. The PDR is the most trusted source of information for health care practitioners.
You can find more about Unimate and Balance at PDR website.

This will depend entirely upon your goals. Feel Great is not a restrictive diet, a passing fad, or a difficult health challenge. It is designed to be a completely sustainable lifestyle.

Because using the Feel Great products is so simple and the Feel Great effects are so powerful, most people continue taking the products for many years. As there is no dependency created, you should feel free to stop using them whenever you choose. But you might not want to. 😉

No, the system is flexible and does not require fasting. However, for those looking for the best results for insulin and glucose control, and for those looking to lose weight, time-based eating is recommended.


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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page to find answers to your questions regarding the system and the products.

We're happy to help you understand more in a brief conversation

Please leave your name, email, phone number with a brief message and we’ll connect with you within 24 hours to answer any questions or concerns you may have
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